Virgin Indian Human Hair vs. Other Hair Types


What is Virgin Indian Human Hair?

Virgin Indian human hair is the finest quality premium human hair available–it is sourced from temples and barber shops throughout India. This hair type is wildly recognized in the mainstream for consumers looking for a quality human hair product. Our products are available in a natural 1b-2. You can expect all RSD Indian hair products to last a year or more with proper care.

The term “virgin” refers to hair that has not been colored or chemically processed in any way. Virgin Indian human hair is available in natural textures as well as textures created using a steaming process which manipulates, but does not damage, the cuticle.

Indian Hair vs. Southeast Asian Human Hair

Southeast Asian hair is typically thicker in texture than Indian hair. This type of hair is sourced from all over Asia and comes in natural brown tones. Southeast Asian hair is thick, healthy and available in Virgin Bullk and Machine Weft options. Southeast Asian hair is a high quality alternative to Indian Hair.

Indian Hair vs. Virgin Brazilian Human Hair

Authentic Brazilian hair is rare. In fact, most Brazilian hair on the market is actually Asian human hair, given the name Brazilian. For this reason you can typically expect Brazilian hair to be a description of a style rather than an accurate declaration of origin.

Brazilian Hair is often regarded as the highest quality hair extensions available. Because authentic Brazilian hair extensions are, in fact, extremely uncommon, many high quality products being sold as Brazilian hair are sometimes virgin Indian human hair that has been processed in and exported from manufacturing facilities in Brazil.

Indian Hair vs. Virgin Eastern European Human Hair

Eastern European hair is typically a finer texture compared to Indian hair. Like our Indian hair, our Eastern European hair is carefully chosen, ensuring each bundle is not color or chemically processed to ensure the integrity of the hair is not compromised.

Eastern European hair has a fine to medium density cuticle that is naturally straight to slightly wavy and available in a variety of natural colors, most commonly brown tones.

Indian Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

Virgin Indian human hair is far superior to any synthetic hair selection, both in its attributes and quality. Synthetic hair does not style well and can easily tangle and matte. Synthetic hair can easily melt when heat is applied, limited the styling capabilities. Unlike Indian hair, special care must be taken when washing and styling synthetic hair to avoid compromising the integrity of the extensions. Indian extensions are low maintenance and respond to many different types of styling and care techniques, similar to your own natural hair.