Brazilian Hair



Authentic Brazilian hair extensions are rare. In fact, most Brazilian extensions on the market are actually Asian human hair, given the name Brazilian. For this reason you can typically expect Brazilian to be a description of a style rather than an accurate declaration of origin. You can expect our machine wefted Brazilian hair extensions to be thick, lustrous and available in a variety of textures. We offer natural textures as well as patterns created using a steaming process which manipulates, but does not damage, the cuticle.

Brazilian extensions are often regarded as the highest quality hair extensions available. Because authentic Brazilian extensions are, in fact, extremely uncommon, many high quality products being sold as Brazilian are typically Indian in origin but given the name Brazilian. How the term came to be used so commonly in the industry is not entirely clear. It's likely that at one point, high quality extensions were being manufactured in Brazil (either from Indian or Asian hair) and exported to distributors around the world.

MTG Hair provides high quality virgin Brazilian style extensions which are 100% pure and natural. MTG Brazilian hair is available in a wide range of natural and steam permed textures.