Hair Origins



Indian Hair

Indian hair is sourced from temples and barber shops throughout India. Indian hair is well known for its quality and texture. Hair extensions have traditionally been dominated by the European Hair market; however with an influx of cheaper, higher quality alternatives like Indian Hair, the market has shifted substantially. Indian hair is wildly recognized in the mainstream for consumers looking for a high quality human hair product. MTG offers Indian hair in both Virgin and Colored selections.


Brazilian Hair

Authentic Brazilian hair is rare. In fact, most Brazilian hair on the market is actually Asian human hair, given the name Brazilian. For this reason you can typically expect Brazilian hair to be a description of a style rather than an accurate declaration of origin. You can expect our Brazilian hair to be thick, lustrous and available in a variety of Machine Weft textures.


Chinese Hair

Chinese hair tends to be very thick in texture. Chinese hair has received a bad reputation in the hair industry because many manufacturers put their Chinese hair through a number of processes and add silicone to manipulate (or mask) poor quality. MTG offers the best quality Remy Chinese hair in the market with a variety of customizable options and quality levels.


Southeast Asian Hair

Southeast Asian hair is typically thicker in texture than the alternatives. This type of hair is sourced from all over Asia and comes in natural brown tones. Southeast Asian hair is thick, healthy and available in Virgin Bulk and Machine Weft options. Southeast Asian hair is a high quality alternative to Indian Hair.


Eastern European Hair

Eastern European hair is typically a more fine texture of natural hair. Our Eastern European hair is carefully chosen, ensuring each bundle is not color or chemically processed to ensure the integrity of the hair is not compromised.