MTG vs. Other Wholesale Virgin Hair Suppliers


When searching for wholesale virgin hair suppliers, look no further than MTG. MTG exports the highest quality hair consistently from Asia, and has travelled the world to source and develop the top hair manufacturers and on multiple continents. Compared to other suppliers, MTG has built the most comprehensive infrastructure to support both startups, looking to begin their journeys, and more established business looking to streamline costs. MTG understands international business and is one of the only virgin hair suppliers operating offices with local staff in India, China, and USA.

MTG International is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of premium human hair products in the industry. To meet the demands of their customers, many hair companies must often manage multiple suppliers across multiple continents to source hair from various origins. MTG helps bridge the gap most people experience doing business with overseas suppliers with world class customer service based in the United States, one-on-one account management and individualized product development.

As the premier choice of wholesale virgin hair suppliers, MTG is there every step of the way. With an Importer Servicing Center in the US (located just outside New York City) and warehouses located in the US, India and China; MTG can get you the product you need when you need it.

With production facilities in India, China, and South East Asia; MTG makes it easier for customers seeking hair products of various origins. Customers can reduce time and costs associated with sourcing and maintaining relationships with multiple hair suppliers and focus their energy on their business. MTG does the work for you and will produce the hair you need.